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Specially developed steel profiles with a two-millimeter-thick steel profile wall make it possible to produce particularly slim loft doors without sacrificing durability over many decades.

Loftdoors & Loftelements

Modern loft style for your customers
Hinged door in loft design

The classic loft door opens up design options for individual wishes and gives every room an individual loft design with pleasant brightness.

Our classic steel door opens up to 180° in one direction.

  • Sash width up to max. 1000 mm possible

  • Sash height up to max. 2700 mm possible

  • All-round seal in the frame

  • Drop-down seal in the sash

  • Glass thickness from 4 to 8 mm possible

  • Double powder coating

Pivot door

Our Pivot is a pivot door made of glass and steel that can be opened in both directions. Unlike the classic pivot door, the system is frameless and the sash engages at 90°.

  • Sash size up to 3.4 sqm possible

  • Frameless

  • Glass thickness from 4 to 6 mm possible

  • Double powder coating

Sliding door

A sliding door in loft design is an elegant solution for rooms with limited space. It does not swing open in both directions, but slides along the wall or into the wall as a single or double door.

  • Sash size up to 3.4 sqm possible

  • Track installation possible as required.

  • Glass thickness from 4 to 6 mm possible

  • Double powder coating

Fixed element

Fixed elements in loft design can be used as room dividers or balustrades. Thanks to the large glass surfaces, rooms are separated but do not lose any light.

  • Free choice of muntin bar arrangement

  • Glass thickness from 4 to 8 mm possible

  • Double powder coating


Would you like to expand your product catalog and offer high-quality loft doors?

4 reasons why we are the right partner for you.

Short delivery times

As a family business with a personal relationship with each of our partners, we know how important it is to meet deadlines. That's why we guarantee reliable delivery times.

Service & technical support

You benefit from our many years of experience and expertise. You receive all-round support from us.


We are happy to share our expertise in social marketing and content production with you. You will receive more from us than catalogs or a link to our website.

5 year guarantee

We brought the loft style to Germany and are convinced of our quality. That's why we offer you a 5-year guarantee.


A filigree steel profile for designer loft doors

High-quality steel profiles

Our steel profiles, specially developed for loft doors, are characterized by their filigree design. Thanks to the wall thickness of 2 mm, the production of large loft elements is possible without any problems. See the quality for yourself!


Profile in 40 x 20 mm


Wall thickness

2 mm

Delivery times

Up to 14 days delivery time

Quality guarantee

Guarantee of consistent dimensions and quality of the profiles

Loft doors from your own production

Metal meets glass

Thanks to our many years of experience in the manufacture of loft doors, we have developed our steel profile system to such an extent that it can be used for all common loft door types and glass types.
Our profile makes it possible to work with glass thicknesses of up to 8 mm. VSG and ESG are both possible.


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